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A tandem partner is one of the best ways to deepen the knowledge of a foreign language, because two native speakers of different languages can help each other to learn the language. How you can organize a language tandem and what you should consider, you learn on our tips page!

Below we will explain how you can use our service in order to find a tandem partner fast and free.

Find a Tandem Partner in 3 Steps

1. Mother tongue

Usually a language tandem works out best, when both tandem partners are native speakers in the language the other person wants to learn. When you grewn up bilingual or you speak a foreign language on a high level, then you can of course offer this language as well. Though, you should really speak the language on a high level, so your tandem partner can benefit from the language tandem in the same way that you do.

2. Target language

In what language do you want to improve your skills? A language tandem is primarliy driven by conversation, which means that having some language skills on the language that you want improve is a plus, so you can start a conversation at all.

3. City or Region

Where do you live or where would you be able to meet regulary? If your hometown should not be in the list, you can just select the region that you live in or "Online" if you want to meet via e.g. Skype. If you are from Switzerland or Austria, you can choose the bigger cities. Currently we only support german speaking countries.